Origin of PG & VG and Flavours ?
Flavours are imported directly from Manufacturers in United States of America.
Propylene Glycol are sourced locally, Vegetable Glycerin are imported from South Asia.

Shelf Life of PG & VG and Flavours ?
Both PG & VG and Flavours has a ballpark of 12 months shelf life.
Liquids should be kept shade, cool and dry place (and out of children reach).

Allergy Information ?
Some concentrates may contain traces of tree nut or soy.
Please visit manufacturers’ website for the specific flavour’s allergy and ingredients information.

Capella Flavors
Flavor West
The Flavor Apprentice

Flammable and Toxic ?
Many flavours are awesome, delicious but the ingredients often are flammable and may be toxic.
Juice and Vapour stock the latest versions with non-flammable and toxic-free ingredients.
Shipping are cheaper, Import are easier, Customers are healthier.
We do care.

How often Juice and Vapour re-stock ?
Juice and Vapour re-orders with Manufacturers and Distributors every month for freshness.

Request a Flavour ?
Yes, only with Capella Flavors, Flavor West and The Flavor Apprentice.

Invoice and Payment ?
For your ease of use and peace of mind, Juice and Vapour use PayPal for all payments (including major Credit Cards).
For custom orders and some other circumstances, Juice and Vapour also use PayPal for Invoicing.

How Green is Juice and Vapour ?
90% of Plastics are recyclable, re-usable, Glass counterparts also are available at a very competitive pricing.
Recently, labels have been reduced to minimum. All mailing boxes are recyclable and re-usable too.
Products (eg PG/VG Steel Barrel Drums) used by Juice and Vapour are re-purposed and/or recycled locally.
All Products are stored in a minimal space, cool and low energy use.
We’re still in progress.