Propylene Glycol in Juice and Vapour are 100% Pharmaceutical & Food Grade.
In pure form, Propylene Glycol is clear, odorless & thin liquid.
It readily dissolves in water and is a good solvent.
It has a few years of shelf life and should be stored in a cool, dark place.

Multi Purpose use with Propylene Glycol
Drink mixes
Dried Soups
Cake Mixes
Soft Drinks
Food Flavouring & Essences
Fast Foods
Bread and Dairy products

Vegetable Glycerin in Juice and Vapour is 100% organic, no Chemical / Artificial Ingredients.
Also is 100% Pharmaceutical & Food Grade.
In pure form, Vegetable Glycerin is clear, odorless liquid is sweet tasting and has a consistency of syrup.
It readily dissolves in water and is a good solvent.
Vegetable glycerin is derived from extracted glycerol fats from plant oils such as palm and coconut.
It is commonly used as a base for pharmaceuticals and other household items.
Glycerin can capture moisture from the air, making it a good addition to moisturizers.
It has a few years of shelf life and should be stored in a cool, dark place.

Multi Purpose use with Vegetable Glycerin
Cleansing Oil (Soaps)
Food Grade Greasing (Pans)
Food (Icing)
Healing Remedies (Aloe Vera)
Beauty Products (Make Up)


Flavours in Juice and Vapour are in Concentrates, similar to Cordials (beverage liquid)- Raw and packed of strength.
Ingredients in each varies and are from either natural or artifical sources.
Flavour Concentrates in Juice and Vapour are sourced from World's trusted and popular Brands.
The concentrates in Juice and Vapour are non-flammable, non-toxic and safe to consume in Drink, Food and Vape.
Flavour Concentrates also often used in Shakes, Baking, Frosting, Hot and Cold Beverage.


Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin are the main ingredient in eLiquids, as general rule of thumb:
Higher PG, LESS flavour concentrate
Higher VG, MORE flavour concentrate

Always Shake well the fresh mix for a minute and Steep at least overnight, few days is recommended.



Concentrates always to be used in tiny portion and with Flavourless (never to be consumed/used by itself).
Recommend to start with approx 10% - 15%  and steep,  increase the concentrate percentage if you'd like stronger flavours.
If change flavours regularly, recommend to use Glass accessories for mixing and storage.
Rinse/Clean bottles, droppers, measuring cups, syringes with hot water only - Do not use any cleaning/detergent agents.
Sunlight and Heat can affect flavours, keep in cool and in shade.
“Vaper’s Tongue” = Flavours taste weak (even high %) = Your tongue buds need a break, try vape plain PG/VG for a week or two.


nicotine.jpg NICOTINE

No Nicotine available in any Liquids at Juice and Vapour

It is Illegal to sell any Products with Nicotine in Australia however
most states in Australia permit a limit of 3 months quantity for personal use.

Extra care with handling/storage of Nicotine at all times as Nicotine  is classified as Poison and is Addictive.
Always avoid contact with Nicotine as skin can absorb.
Always store in shade, cool and out of children's sight/reach.
Always labelled at all time with clear description and warning.

Common Signs of Nicotine Poison

Queasy / Vomit Feeling, Headache, Loss of Appetite, Dizzy

Always use Mix Calculator

Example :


Vaping without Nicotine is easy and the withdrawal are less impact.

Go on, give it a try for few weeks.


Avoid vape in smoke-free places and always check/ask before vaping.
Avoid vape around/near children of any age, even at home or in vehicle.
Store vape devices, liquids and accessories out of children’s reach and sight.